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Equinox Equine MassageFull-Body Sports Massage Sessions
Full-body massage therapy sessions start at $85 per horse. Discounts are available for clients within a 45-minute or less drive from Equinox’s home offices and/or for scheduling multiple horses at the same barn or in the same area. For travel requiring more than a 2-hour drive and two or fewer horses, a trip fee (usually $20 per hour traveled, split equally among horses seen) may apply. Contact me to discuss your particular situation and location. Payment is to be rendered at the time of service.Time spent per session will vary according to each horse’s individual needs and current circumstances, but 45 minutes to 1 hour is the average for a horse receiving regular bodywork. First-time clients or those receiving only occasional work likely will require a longer session. During all sessions, I will apply a variety of sports massage techniques, with emphasis on trigger point and myofascial release therapy. I often use stretching, and will apply acupressure and/or Reiki if the situation warrants.I am available for trips throughout South Carolina and beyond; please contact me about coming to your area. I request a four-horse minimum for trips requiring two or more hours of travel time. To avoid trip fees and qualify for discounted rates, try to schedule four or more horses on the same day.

TTouch, Acupressure- or Reiki-only Sessions, Kinesiology Taping and Photonic (Red Light) Therapy
While I often incorporate some or all of these techniques, along with stretching, into a standard massage session, I am also available to perform TTouch, energy or red light sessions alone, for a cost of $65 per horse. Travel costs and restrictions, along with potential for discounted rates also apply, as described above.

On-Showgrounds Massage Sessions
At times, I will attend various shows in South Carolina and the surrounding areas and offer shorter pre or post-competition massages on the showgrounds for a cost of $65 per horse. For horses I work with regularly, I can target particular weak points and perform a highly focused and time-efficient massage to maximize performance. Even for horses with whom I am unfamiliar, a gentle and effective warm-up massage can aid in loosening muscles pre-ride and helping relax and focus the mind, thus shortening the warm-up time  and helping the horse to give his optimum performance. A cool-down massage after the horse’s work is done for the day can help relax muscles and ease soreness, particularly for horses that must be stalled for multi-day shows. Contact me for information on shows I plan to attend or to request my attendance at an event in which you plan to ride.

Educational Presentations and Demonstrations
I am available to make presentations about massage therapy and its benefits, as well as perform demonstrations on volunteers’ horses for Pony Clubs, 4-H groups, lesson programs and other riding organizations. I enjoy sharing knowledge and information with others, and have broad experience in this area both as a riding instructor and in my previous work in the publishing and regulatory affairs industries, where training employees was one of my key responsibilities. I can easily tailor my presentations to the specific needs of a given organization.I am also a professional freelance writer and editor, and happy to author articles on massage therapy for newsletters and other publications in the interest of education.

Charitable Work(More information on my “Give Back” page.)
Some of my family members and friends have benefited greatly from therapeutic riding programs. As a thanks to these programs and the hard-working, special horses that make them possible, I have chosen to donate massage therapy to such programs. For clients in the Lexington, SC area, upon request, I will donate a massage for one therapy horse at the NARHA-accredited Dream Riders Therapeutic Riding Program ( for every full-price massage I perform in the Lexington area; I also offer discounted rates for individuals who purchase a complete session for their own horses and also want to provide a massage for a therapy horse.I also work with a rescue that specializes in off-track Thoroughbreds, Race 2 Ring in Conover, NC. Though this group was founded with a focus on OTTBs and continues to emphasize the rehabbing, retraining and re-homing of these wonderful horses, Race 2 Ring also accepts horses of other breeds that meet its criteria. I have one special project at Race 2 Ring, to whom I donate massage and kinesiology taping services: Jude, an OTTB who suffers from DSLD and so has a home for life with Race 2 Ring. As with Dream Riders, I am happy to donate a massage to a rescue horse upon request or to provide discounted rates for clients to buy a massage for one of the rescue horses.Please contact me, using the information on the right site of this page, to discuss the details of any work on therapy or rescue horses.


Lisa Tilley Hinkle

Certified Equine Massage Therapist

Also Offering: Reiki, Acupressure, TTouch and Photonic Therapy

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