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Equinox believes strongly in giving back to the community when possible. For that reason, I provide regular complementary massages to two 501(c)(3) organizations.



This Professional Assn. of Therapeutic Horsemanship (PATH) International-accredited therapeutic riding program, based in Lexington, SC, serves special needs riders—adults and children alike—with a variety of disabilities. Therapeutic riding horses are truly amazing animals, and the strain of working safely and carefully under riders who are often badly unbalanced shows up in their bodies. Because some family members and friends have benefitted greatly from therapeutic riding programs, this is a program that is near and dear to my heart.

Head instructor Jennifer Stoudemire is a student of dressage and uses these principles when able-bodied riders work with the therapy horses to help them use their bodies as correctly as possible. (SC folk may even see the therapy horses competing in local dressage schooling shows under some of Jennifer’s dedicated volunteers and students.) Dream Riders also holds a couple of schooling shows itself each year to help fund-raise for the program.
Careful saddle-fitting, chiropractic care and massage therapy are among the other things done to help these special horses do their work more comfortably and effectively. I am proud to donate massages to some of these horses as often as I am able.

To learn more about Dream Riders, including volunteer opportunities or other ways of helping their mission, visit



Race 2 Ring is a rescue operation located in Conover, NC that began its work as a haven for former Thoroughbred racehorses, but has recently expanded its mission to include horses of any breed that need help finding a new home. Race 2 Ring provides a comprehensive program to rehab horses from any physical issues, evaluate their aptitudes and provide a training program to develop them into great partners for adopters. A handful of horses are permanent residents, such as my special project “Jude,” who suffers from degenerative suspensory ligament desmitis.

Race 2 Ring also has a strong dedication to education, hosting clinics with bereiters from the Spanish Riding School and using their residents—like Jude—to educate the horse-owning public about horse care in the face of injuries, the importance of good feed programs and hoof care, the role of supportive therapies like massage and even the role of responsible breeding.

Head trainer Trisha Dingle has been an Equinox-sponsored trainer for several years and I am proud to continue to support her and this wonderful rescue. For more information about Race 2 Ring, visit

Watch my website and Facebook page for updates from both of these nonprofit organizations. Any client paying full price for a massage is welcome to purchase a massage for a Dream Riders therapy horse or a Race 2 Ring adoptable horse or permanent resident at a discounted rate. The organizations will be informed of your purchase, or you may remain anonymous if you prefer.


Trisha Dingle of Egyptian Rose Sport Horses

Trisha Dingle and FancyEquinox is honored to sponsor Trisha Dingle of Egyptian Rose Sport Horses, who not only trains Arab and half-Arab sporthorses for both breed and open shows, but is also the head trainer at Race 2 Ring, a North Carolina rescue that rehabs and retrains off-track Thoroughbreds and other horses for new careers and homes. Trisha is known for her focus on hoofcare, husbandry, and the use of supportive practices like chiropractic and massage to address the development of the whole horse as a happy athlete.

Among the horses Trisha actively shows are Inquisitive (“Mercedes”), an Oldenburg mare who has been successful through Fourth Level dressage despite struggles with extreme high-low syndrome. It has been a pleasure to sponsor Mercedes and watch her blossom as her support team of trainer, vet, chiropractor, farrier, and me the massage therapist work together to help her perform at her optimum.

Trisha Dingle

Trisha Dingle

Trisha also trains and competes the Arabian stallion WH Marengo (“Tumbler”), owned by Whitehaven Plantation of Bishopville, SC  . A horse that serves as both a competition mount and breeding stallion experiences particular muscular tensions that are helped greatly by massage. Tumbler is a fun and expressive client.

Another of Trisha’s horses that is a regular client is the Arabian mare Ima Bustin’ Loose (“Fancy”), who typifies the stereotype of both Arab and mare with her tendency toward tension, particularly when faced with the show ring.

I am excited to be part of Trisha’s team, and look forward to helping her and her clients’ horses as they progress in their training and competitive careers.
Learn more about Trisha and her horses at the Egyptian Rose Facebook page  and at the Race 2 Ring website .


Jaclyn Burke of Burke Equestrian

Equinox is proud to sponsor event rider Jaclyn Burke!

Three Day Event Rider Jaclyn Burke

Jaclyn Burke

Equinox is proud to sponsor Columbia, SC event rider Jaclyn Burke! Jaclyn has worked with such top professionals as Bonnie Mosser, Craig Thompson, Ralph Hill, Jim Grahm and Jon Holling; she has also participated in clinics with some of the best riders in the sport, including Lucinda Green, Jim Graham, Phillip Dutton, Becky Holder, Missy Ransehousen, Allison Springer, Jan Bynn and Will Faudree. She can be seen competing Chance of Flurres (aka “Murphy”) and other horses all over the East Coast.

I am pleased to be part of the team Jaclyn has chosen to help keep Murphy at the top of his game and look forward to working with this special pair in the months and years to come!

In addition to pursuing competitive goals with Murphy and her other horses, Jaclyn trains horses and teaches riders in the Columba, SC area.

For more information on Jaclyn, visit her website. (Photo at left copied from Burke Equestrian website.) Watch my Facebook page  for updates on Jaclyn’s activities and successes!


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